here we go again; this time I made things a little more permanent

- fotade denna lilla sötnos igår!! -

and if you never know who you can trust then trust me, you'll be lonely

du vet att du har foto-abstinens när du sätter dig framför en ljus-slinga och tar självporträtt -

and I'm sipping bourbon, the future's uncertain, the past on the pavement below me


hallucinations only mean that your brain is on fire


lighters up if you're feelin' me; fade to black if you're not mine

maybe I'll smile a bit, maybe the opposite but pray that they don't call me thankless

- "brorsorna" @morrisandharley -

oscars and emmy's and grammy's; everyone here is a trophy

- igår efter jobbet så blev det bebis foto! mörkret resulterade dock i pixliga bilder, men fick en del söta ändå -

troubled love and high speed noise

psst, ni följer väl min foto-instagram? @jossanamigophoto. ah följ @jossanamigo också för den delen.

and if I tried to change my life one more day, there would be nobody else to save

- alltså hur drömmig söndag hade jag inte?? ni kan följa vovvarna på @mazarinthedog och på @morrisandharley -

take your time; pull me in, push me out.

'cause I am picturing you beside me; so let me be everything that you need

alltså look at this face?!

the best way to get along with people is not to expect them to be like you.

because forever is in your eyes, but forever ain't half the time

Mazarin; Canon EOS 600D + canon 50mm

because forever is in your eyes but forever ain't half the time

I'm tryna find you words just to say "dang, you fine, and look at that face"

- mamma & amigo -

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