maybe you just want a little extra time to focus on our romance.

sit back and let 'em shine, let 'em rise and rise; cause one day they're gonna fall

for all the things that you're alive to feel

jag och mitt snurriga huvud var ute och fotade mamma & jennie i solnedgången igår mitt i rapsen!

i'm always wrong but you're never right.

you can make your own decisions, you can make your own mistakes.

jag älskar våren, men det är fan inte kul att fota då haha. 

the lights are on, and it's time to be me.

but I still wait for your call.

if you were in my shoes, you would know how it felt.

• alex & rocky i vårens första pass på banan! samt elin som hellre posar än fotar haha •

you're always there for the highs, and never for the lows.


if only there was proof I could use to show it's true.

it's our time now to make this work second time around.

you wear it so well that we think it's true

when you've got nothing to lose; except for me and you

lite ledsen att amigo inte var i hagen så jag kunde fota alla men då hade de väl bara stått vid grinden haha.

there's something you didn't know, you've got your teeth in me and it hurts.

några av bilderna mamma knäppte under ihopsläppet med ninni för 2 helger sedan, hur söta?? 

I've tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true.

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