• If Bethany isn’t relevant then what does this picture that Marlene posted from the finale mean? Is she just a bad speller?


• Why did A.D. favor Aria so much and pull her to the dark side?

• Also Alex climbed in bed next to Aria and said she would love her the most. Why did she have such a soft spot for Aria?

• If Wren broke out Mona from Welby, then when was he killed? Didn’t we just see him at the airport? 

• What the point of this picture of a burned person? I liked the fan theory better than the actual ending in which Bethany was burned during the Jenna Thing and that gave her more motive.


• What was the purpose of Ali and Bethany being pen pals? 

• What purpose did Sara Harvey serve and why make her both Red Coat and Black Widow?

• What was the relevance of the Carissimi group again? Wasn’t Jason involved somehow?

• And how did Jenna and Noel become involved? That was briefly explained but still unclear to me.

• At what point did Wren and Melissa break up and he met Alex? The timeline seems off.

• What was Ian filming? Who was beach hottie? What was the point of NAT club?

• Why did Jessica DiLaurentis tell Bethany to call her aunt?

• Who killed Sara Harvey? Noel?


• Why were so many people wearing yellow tops that night?

• Who did Spencer hear scream back in the pilot episode?

• How did Alex create this board game? How was she everywhere at once? 

• Why doesn’t she have more motive against Mary Drake who sold her when she was a baby?

• Did Alex kill Yvonne?

• Who built the dollhouse?


• What did Maya know?

• Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?


• Who sent Toby the text about his mom?


• Who drove a car into Emily’s house?


• Why was Spencer shot if Alex didn’t intend to kill her?

• Did we ever find out why Bethany killed Toby’s mom?


• Who was Varjack?


• What happened to the Alison bracelet? Wasn’t Bethany wearing it when she died? Why?


• Why exactly was Pastor Ted brought back to be Charlotte’s dad? Why didn’t he play a larger role in the earlier seasons?

• How was Toby’s mom in the flashback with him and Ali when they were teenagers if she was killed when Charlotte was a kid and she is older than Toby? 


• Will Emison ever know who their baby daddy is?


• Charlotte was suppose to be looking for Allison but wasn't she helping her when Alli was "dead"? 4x12

Postat av: Amanda

Alltså måste verkligen se i kapp haha <3

2017-07-12 @ 18:03:53
Postat av: Elin

Men man vet ju vem pappan till Emisons barn är! Det var väl dock det enda. Sämst avslutning...

2017-07-12 @ 19:40:32
Postat av: Elin

Skojade bara, förstår vad du menade nu hahaha

2017-07-12 @ 19:42:18

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