I've become an addict looking for a hit of your love

- svårt att tro att detta var min tisdagskväll med elin i stallet när det i detta nu är snö och slask ute haha -

I wanna be young and party, be dumb and never feel sorry; become a freak with my body

- förlåt men hur jävla snygg?? resultatet av två fulla personer innan mellofinalen med en kamera -

so princess, hold your head high. even if you have to cry, don't let your crown fall

- när familjebilderna är klara och resterande modeller springer ifrån platsen haha -

if that's true why am I still in your old shirt thinking about you

- Mona & hennes familj på snart fyra -

and if you wanna be with somebody like me; well, we could live young and die free

'cause I'm trying to learn that I can lose you and survive it

- lovis & ralf (och jennie) ute i snön -

so why does my mind go back to when you used to hold me?

I'm so sick and tired of being the one who plays it safe


every whiskey that you're drinkin', you'll be thinkin' how I burn like that

- en första bildbomb ifrån förra helgens hundpromenad, saknar redan all snö!! -

we started out as strangers, now we're strangers again

- ralf & lovis som busar i snön förra veckan -

I know that I've hurt you & maybe I don't deserve you; but my head is an ocean, with a depth of emotion

- mazarin lever sitt bästa liv ute i snön -

we walk the same streets, but have different views.

- lilla (läs: stora!! och större blir hon) Lovis hos Jennie i torsdags -

and is this something we can save? or are we riding separate waves?

sista paret är hur 90% av alla bild-serier ser ut heh

but if this is the end; you know I still wish you the best

- maz in the snow -

everybody wonders what it would be like to love you

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