I was kind, I was warm, I was patient - all the nights that you cried when you're wasted

- jenny -

I'm the only girl of my dreams.

we were young, we were dumb, we had issues

'cause baby, I loved you at you worst and I fixed your heart but mine still hurts

you think you're sweeter than the grenadine in my drink but I know really how you taste

- ♥ mina två älsklings grabbar ♥ -

I can't have you going on and on and on and on without me

how do I keep going if I don't know where I'm going?

- andrea på ett solrosfält -

It's just a feeling feeling, It's like an ocean wave

- tjejerna från vänd snett igenom podcast -

how two people once could be so in love, now we never talk

- nej men nostalgi?? hängde på terrängbanan med rollisen och hannas ridgrupp förra veckan -

tell yourself that it's comfortable and when you know that that's not true

I grew up, I'm a big girl; stopped giving time to people that make me hurt

- ifrån när jag, sara, maz & rollo fångade våren förra söndagen -
(maz älskar verkligen att umgås med lilla terroristen-rollo)

give me a rule and I'll break it, your conscience needs a shaking

- ifrån några veckor sedan när vi hängde i stallet och Rollo & Moxie hade playdate -

coz I don't wanna live in a modern world where love is dead and our minds are sold

- inveterat i en portabel foto-studio och tvingade över wilma för att prova den !! -

mama told me that the lowest low's a good place to start; take out the trash, pay my credit card. wash my hair and forgive myself for living

- vinterdröm -

you better show 'em why you talk so loud.

- tilda & elsa från podden Vänd Snett Igenom -

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