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💗 Self Care Tips 💗

  • Give yourself at least one day of rest. Sleep in, stay in bed, watch a TV show, stay away from your phone, eat something yummy and just spend some time with yourself.
  • Turn off the notifications on your phone. I swear this is a game changer. It is such a good feeling, because it takes away so much pressure and you automatically spend less time checking your phone.
  • Make a list of things that you are grateful for/that make you happy. It ultimately puts you in a better mood.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Call a family member or a friend when you are hurting and feeling low. Asking for help is not weak, my love.
  • Do something nice for another person. Write a letter to a friend, buy a little something for your roommate, help a stranger on the streets - acts of kindnesses are so needed on this planet and they make the other person feel loved and valued, which gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel happier.
  • Stay away from gossip and complaints. As Vex King states in his book Good Vibes, Good Life, conversations that hate on other people lower your vibrations and leave you feel down and blue. Stay away from negative people as much as you can and start surrounding yourself with radiant beings.
  • Stop negative self talk. I have said it before and I am never going to stop repeating it: The way you talk to yourself matters. What you tell yourself ultimately becomes your reality. So, try your hardest to fuel your mind with positive thoughts and watch yourself bloom, my love.
  • Give yourself time to do absolutely nothing. It is important to have down time and just sit with your thoughts for a while. Sit in silence and remind yourself that everything is going to be alright. You are capable of so many things and everything is working out for you. Repeat this whenever you have some time for yourself.

I love you so much. Take good care of yourselves.


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